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Do not get fooled again. I started Mr. Clone because I got sick of searching for weeks sometimes months only to realize almost every time I was getting getting ripped. About 1/4 of the time I actually got the strain I ordered, the other times they were infested with mold and mites, would not be the strain I requested and usually ended with a horrible result. Frustrated and angry I quit growing ( After 20 years ) to start a honest company that is here to help people more than just make a sale. You will never get a clone that is not rooted or that I would not take home and grow myself. No questions asked Guarantee on all cuts. We have the healthiest mother plants, all from seed. We also go above and beyond what other companies do and that is, start your cuts off right. We add extra amino acids, vitamins, Carbohydrates, other nutrients that give you stronger cell walls, make your cuts more resistant to mold and pests, higher chlorophyll production, higher brix levels ( plants sugar content ) as well as transitioning easier, tighter inter nodes and better roots than any company out there. Thus resulting in you having a higher yield. 99% of our cuts never shock due to transplants or transitioning to another light source. We guarantee our cuts and genetics! Try us and see for yourself. There is a reason most of our business is repeat and referrals. Don't waste another penny on garbage clones. Check out Mr. Clone today!

Before we tell you why we are better I want to tell you what to look for when buying a clone and also clear up a common misconception... Many people seem to think that if they buy a clone or seed that is from an excellent strain of weed that won a cannabis cup that the plant they grow with this clone of a cannabis cup winning strain will end up being of the same quality just because of it's award winning genetics. Here's the truth, an amature grower can take a seed or clone of a strain like Train wreck and the plant he grows may end up being crap with no more than 6% THC even though the strain has been tested at somewhere between 18%-22%. An experienced grower can take a seed from a bag of crappy import and the plant he grows from that seed will be as good as most of the MMJ you see at dispensaries. Same with clones. Growing ( Clones or Flowering ) its all about technique. There are a lot of bad clone companies out there, so even if you do not buy from us, here are some tips to help you how tell good quality cuts from the bad ones.

Here's some basic information to know what to look for when buying clones.

First off you want honestly from the get go. If you're not sure what to ask, or how to tell if they are lying to you, Try using these tips to start off with. This will help you tell if the person is lying to you about the clones they carry. No honest company will lie to you. If they are honest chances are they have what they say they do One thing that everyone must know about marijuana clones is

** THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LAB TESTED GENETIC VERIFICATION FOR MARIJUANA PLANTS** Which means if a company says their strain is verified by lab testing.. They are lying. Also research the company before purchasing on google to see what others are saying. Every company has complaints but if a company has multiple complaints about the same issue over and over, then you should consider steering clear from these companies. Mr. Clone is the only company that actually allows any and all reviews to be posted on their site as long as there is no foul language or racist remarks. So not only do you get to see the good, you also get to see the bad. We will not hide anything from our patients. You get to see it all.

This is why Mr. Clone was created. To bring a honest clone company that has the quality of cuts and actually has the strains that it lists. Not only will you get the strain you ordered, but you will never get unwanted strains with your order just so we can fill it. If we are out of a strain, we tell you. If our cuts looks small or kinda crappy, we throw them out. Mr. Clone will never deliver a cut that the owner wouldn't take and grow himself. That is the Mr Clone standard.

why us?

What makes Mr. Clone superior to all other clone companies?
Why do our cuts produce better quality buds with higher yields every time?
Here is a detailed breakdown of how and why.
All of our strain mom's come from seeds not clones. This guarantees we are getting the correct strains and genetics. It also ensures you start off with a healthy, pest and pathogen free plant.
How to Confirm A Plant was Grown From Seed
There are two characteristics that all marijuana plants grown from seed have that a plant grown from a clone / cutting will not have.
The first thing to look for is to look at the branching at the base of the stalk. If the branch pattern is in pairs of two's (one branch growing at the same level as another branch but on the direct opposite side of the stalk) at the base of the stalk then it's almost definitely a marijuana plant grown from seed, not a clone. ( Example picture is in our photos section ) A cannabis plant grown from a clone / clipping will have staggered branching at the base of the stalk.
The other thing to look for is concentric rings (indentations) around the base of the stalk. This is something only a marijuana plant grown from seed will have.
You can't be certain the clone / plant you are buying is the strain the person says it is, but you can at least keep yourself from buying a clone with bugs or a disease. If you buy a clone with a disease or bugs you might introduce something to your garden that will take a lot of trouble and time to get rid of, such as spider mites or powdery mildew (often referred to as PM). Here's a thorough checklist to insure that you are getting a good healthy marijuana clone or plant.
All the leaves should be green, not pale green or yellow and no burnt tips or spots.
The leaves should all be "straight", not twisted or curled like an eagles claw.
The stalk should be green or light brown, not purple or dark brown.
Look the entire clone over for any white or grey spots on the leaves or stalks. Powdery mildew if present, is usually going to be on the top side of a leaf or near the base of the stalk. Really take your time and look thoroughly, powdery mildew can often be hard to spot. PM is very common on clones in California. Once you train your eyes to spot it though, you notice it easily.
Look under a couple of the leaves with a magnifying glass for any bugs. Take at least 20 seconds to let your eyes adjust to the magnifying glass and adequately analyze what you are looking at. Spider mites and a few other types of bugs prefer to hide on the underside of leaves.
Most clones are sold in cups, ( sometimes to conceal the fact they have not rooted yet ) take the cup and hold it over a white piece of paper or hold it over some glass and tap the side of the cup (a good hard tap) at the base a few times. Then check the paper or the glass with the magnifying glass for any bugs. Thrips and a few other types of bugs like to hang out in the soil.
If you are buying aeroponic clones or any other clone that you can see the roots on, the roots should be white, not beige, brown, grey or any other color.
If the roots are brown or soft and mushy, that is a sign of root rot and you should refuse the accept the clones.
So what really makes Mr. Clone better than the rest?
In addition to growing our mom plants from seeds from trusted breeders, preventing unwanted contaminants that can come from clones or cuts ( each strain has breeder listed in menu section ) we also have give our mom's and cuts a little extra to help them get started.
This is how we get your plants ready for success.
We have come up with a perfect blend to feed our moms that lowers the amount of energy expended on growing and allows it to use that energy to store necessary components that are extremely beneficial later in flowering.
To start with a good plant you need good roots. So we add a root enhancer ( Rapid Start from General Hydroponics ) in combination our other nutrients to make our roots EXPLODE off our cuts. Our roots are not only massive in numbers, but are also white and extremely thick. This is the foundation of starting off our cuts. More roots = More fruits. Fat healthy and thick roots or small stringy and thin roots? Think of it this way. A car with brand new tires and one with bald tires. Both have tires.. But which ones will save you from an accident in the rain when you have to brake suddenly? Both will stop you eventually. But the new tires will give you the results you NEED!
We also use a Silica to help strengthen the cell walls making them more resistant to pathogens and pests, which also helps in defending against these threats while they are in your garden and also aiding in increased brix levels, resulting in healthier plants all around.
You may be wondering,
Is this company full of crap?
We will let you be the judge of that
Are they really using what they say?
One look at our cuts and you will see the difference
Did they really get these strains from seeds?
Absolutely, as a matter of fact we still have the invoices for them and keep them on hand for anyone to see and we are about to tell you how you can tell if a mom is truly from a seed or a clone.
Why do I need a clone to be this healthy?
Why change your oil in your car? Less issues and maintenance, better performance gas mileage, and your engine won't blow leaving you with a worthless car. Preventative maintenance is a big key. Stopping the problems before they happen. By making sure every function of your plant is at its maximum capacity.
Can't I just give it what it needs later in flowering?
Absolutely.. But if you had a hole in your roof would you only fix it if it was raining? Or would you fix it before it rained preventing the damage that comes with it? ( get the picture yet? )
Does it make that much of a difference?
ABSOLUTELY. We encourage you to do your research about what we are saying. Decide for yourself
Why would you give your mom's boosters that are used in flowering?
To give the plant a head start on storing sugars. The more stored at the start of flowering means the plant uses more energy on producing buds instead of producing the extra sugars it needs resulting in higher yields and better quality nugs.
Why do your clones cost more than other companies?
Same reason a fully loaded Lexus costs more than a Dodge Dart. Quality of the product and overall cost of making it, We also cut our plants less than most companies resulting in fatter thicker stocks, Bigger root zone, over larger cut and extremely healthy clones and plants. Healthy moms produce healthy babies.
Can't you just fix a unhealthy plant and make get it healthy again?
In some cases yes. In others no. Also some issues have devastating long term effects.
Here is an example
Think of a clone as a new born baby. Now picture two couples as two mom plant.
Couple #1 mom eats healthy, exercises, takes vitamins and prenatal vitamins, Does not smoke or drink, after birth this couple vaccinated the child and the mom breast fed, breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding lowers your baby's risk of having asthma or allergies. Plus, babies who are breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months, without any formula, have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and bouts of diarrhea. Basically like giving it internal armor to fight off unwanted attacks that could affect the health of the baby or even cause death.
Now picture this child as clone #1
Couple #2 mom eats unhealthy, lot of fast food, is out of shape, overweight, always stressed out, does not take vitamins or any special recommended prenatal vitamins, drinks a lot of soda and coffee, does not vaccinate the child, and feeds the child formula instead of breast milk.
This child is clone #2
Child #2 starts off with no extra vitamins, vaccinations, and antibodies from breast milk lowering his chances of fighting off viruses and bacteria,
During pregnancy this mom ate no foods that give her body the extra vitamins that our bodies need to live a healthier life, has a higher cholesterol, is overweight and has diabetes.
The child is alive but you can't see his problems at birth just by looking at the child making you unaware of what possible complications could happen from this making this child have a higher % to have slower development in maturing physically and mentally, a higher risk to get sick from unwanted viruses, Higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, and chances are they will have the same traits and habits as the parents
#1 was born healthy with all the vitamins, vaccinations and the extra antibodies from breast milk.
This child has lowered the risk of unwanted viruses and pathogen attacks, lowered the risk to attract some devastating or deadly viruses by getting vaccinated, ensuring a healthier future giving it the vaccinations it needed that it stores in it's body, and chances are that this child will same traits and habits of the parents
By now you should have a good idea on the importance of having a healthy mom and how clones, just like our example, follow the traits and carry genetics of the mother plant. A weak mom plant produces a weak clone.
Unfortunately other companies lack the knowledge of ( or just don't care ) how to properly prepare the moms for healthier cuts and how to then prepare those cuts by giving them a head start of cell wall strengthening, decreasing their chances to get mold or pests, storing sugars, increased root mass and nutrient uptake, increased chlorophyll production, higher brix levels, better calcium uptake, and many other benefits ultimately resulting in a better ending product by allowing the plant to focus more on production of product instead of essentials it needs to survive.
We do this by precisely giving the mom plants the exact ingredients it needs to focus its energy to prepare itself for flowering,
Meaning when you start to flower, your plant will have faster transitions to flower, more bud sites, tighter internodes ultimately resulting in bigger, better smelling and tasting flowers with higher yields
So how do we achieve this on our Mom plants?
For our Mom's:
We use a base N-P-K feed at a 1-1-1 ratio, then add in essential vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates and natural occurring growth hormones, Our combination of special additives allows them to use less energy growing and more energy storing essentials like sugars and up taking more calcium which is a catalyst. Catalyst Calcium provides Calcium protected from tie-up, along with other essential plant available nutrients, building stronger plants and enhancing soil structure for optimum nutrient uptake.
Our special blend of kelp extract has natural occurring growth promoters ( Cytokines, Auxin's and Gibberellins ), Both Macro and Micro nutrients ( Nitrogen Phosphorus, Potassium ) , and ( Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Boron, Iron, Manganese ) as a catalyst and to prevent deficiencies. Sugars ( Carbohydrates ) are the source of energy for a plant's other metabolic processes. Amino Acids ( Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Valine, and Tryptophan ) are the basic component of living cells in Proteins.
Proteins are formed by a sequence of Amino Acids. About 20 important Amino Acids are involved in the process of each function. Studies have proved that Amino Acids can directly or indirectly influence the physiological activities of the plant.
They also invigorate and stimulate vegetation.
Hormonal effect:
amino acids stimulate the formation of:
Indole-3-Acetic acid
Various enzymatic systems
Trophic + Hormonal effect
Flowering is stimulated
Better fruit setting
Higher precociousness, size and coloration of fruits.
Greater sugar richness
Greater vitamin content in fruits.
Glycine and Glutamic acid are fundamental metabolites in the formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll synthesis.
These amino acids raise the concentration of chlorophyll in plants.
This increases the absorption of luminous energy, which leads to greater degrees of photosynthesis. ( Meaning your plants can get more energy to use on production )
Stomata are cellular structures that control a plant's hydro balance, as well as the absorption of gases and macro and micro nutrients.
A stomata openings are controlled by external factor ( light, moisture, temperature and concentration of salts ), and by internal factors ( amino acid concentration, abscissa acid, etc.).
Stomata close when light and moisture are low, and temperature and salt concentration are high.
When stomata close, photosynthesis and transpiration (low macro and micro nutrient absorption) are reduced, and respiration is increased. When this occurs, a plant's metabolic balance is negative.
This causes metabolism to decrease and plant growth to stop. L- glutamic acid acts as an osmotic agent for the protective cells cytoplasm, which favors the opening of stomata. Basically making it easier to function. We use a special blend of a foliar feed that assists in the process.
Our mom plant foliar:
Neem oil leaf polish, coating the leaf protecting it from mold and pest attacks.
Silica to aid in stronger cell walls preventing unwanted attacks from pests and pathogens

Mycorrhizae to prevent deficiencies and increase nutrient uptake while lowering nutrient usage
Humic and Fulvic Acids
Humic and fulvic acid, generally formed via secondary synthesis actions, are essential to healthy plant development, help optimize peak cellular/plant growth, increase yields, and aid in disease and pest prevention. It also prevents nutrients from binding in solution and creating insoluble precipitates. The two related substances work to increase a plant's nutrient uptake and help to condition the soil, leading to a more efficient use of applied fertilizers and extending the life of your growth medium.
If used properly in a balanced garden, either biological (grown in soil) or soil-less, humic and fulvic acid can lead to healthier and more extensive root systems, increased yield and more vibrant plant growth and development.
Humic Acid or HA is a fantastic chelating agent, HA attaches itself to micro nutrients, forming a composite that is more efficiently and easily absorbed by plants, promoting extremely high ion-exchange and buffering capabilities. Metallic elements such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, calcium and iron are absorbed more easily upon the application of humic acid, leading to an increase in both plant matter and root mass, including the formation of lateral or horizontal roots. This is true in biological (soil), hydroponic and aeroponic gardens
Clone feed mix:
Kelp extract
Super thrive which contains vitamins and also help prevent transplant shock which could result in death or stunted growth
Mr. Clone's Special phosphorus, mycorrhizae, and a secret rooting hormone with a rooting gel to promote healthy, massive, and explosive root growth.

This is the Mr. Clone difference.
Compare our clones to the $5 or even $10 clones other companies offer
Ask these companies why they use the nutrients they use. 99% of the time they will not be using any type of kelp extract, humic or fulvic acids, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and most times additives that aid in reducing transplant shock like super thrive. So if they are missing one of or most of these ask them why.
They will answer a couple different ways. Either they will say that it is not necessary or has no real effect. Meaning they do not possess true in depth knowledge of growing cannabis because they chose to not learn it ( A Fool Doesn’t Want to Learn ) or they are just lying to you because they think you don't know any better. Or they will be honest and say it costs to much and they don't want to spend the time, energy or money to ensure they are selling you healthy plants because they are fine using what they use.
Then research what they tell you. Not on forum sites where information is so controversial. But from studies done in laboratories or universities. Then decide for yourself if you can trust what that company is telling you.
Never take anyone's word for it!
To fool someone is to try to make them believe something that is not true.
Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom. Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it. If you are on a fool’s errand you are doing something that is pointless.for example, asking a friend who has no money for a loan is a fool’s errand. Buying clones that are not healthy, have pest or pathogen issues, or are not properly given what it needs to succeed for you from a clone company is a fools errand.
Don't let other clone companies send you on a fool's errand of growing something that is pointless. Unless you like horrible weed, headaches, wasted time and money and a ending result that will leave you frustrated or even pissed. Is it really worth it? It wasn't fun for us when we bought clones from a rip off company that is very well known in this area that ended up costing us massive amounts of money ultimately resulting in us starting Mr. Clone for your benefit. We want to put the scammers out of business by bringing a new standard of customer service. We also want you to succeed. Why? Because our family owns and runs several stores in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. We need better med's and we are hoping you can provide them for us.
It's a win win!!
What do you think the difference will be in the ending results if we did a side by side comparison?
Get all your marijuana clones, strains and help growing from Mr. Clone.

How we help beginners

New growers have little knowledge of how in depth growing is. So they sometimes get strains that require much more attention to detail than other strains. Researching things like, what type of nutrients should I use, what are these weird spots on my leaves, signs of deficiencies and what kind it is, can take days, or even weeks to find the right answer. Most posts on forums about growing medical marijuana, or just pot or clones in general, are so conflicting or have so many " it could be " leaving you to experiment and see which way works from trial and error. This takes a lot of time, money and energy and sometimes can be so discouraging that you quit all together. So, to help you avoid this, we offer a service to all beginners that includes, help in grow room design, nutrient selection, the benefits and drawbacks of each soil: hydroponics and aeroponic systems, help in finding the right strain type depending on experience, grow space, equipment, and budget to help you get the most out of your grow! We want you to succeed!
How we started and our story
Mr. Clone was created out of a need for Pest free, Mold free Clones.
When buying clones you want the strain you ordered. With no problems.
No diseased and pest infested marijuana clones. Baby mother plants with no issues.
This is why Mr. Clone came into being.
Why we are better
#1 We will send you pictures of your clones roots before we deliver them. Seeing is believing.
#2 Leave a review on the blog. No post is removed unless it contains profanity or racist remarks. If we mess up, you get to post it on our site.
#3 We help all beginner growers with grow room design and setup. Starting nutrients, selecting types of hydro or soil, and the benefits and drawbacks to each. We help you choose the right strain for individual needs depending on space, budget, and experience along with a basic but successful approach to growing.
#4 We will give people a trusted place to buy clones in Southern California.
#5 We are real. We will give it to you straight, every time. Good or bad feedback, you see it all, because that is what honestly and integrity is all about.
#6 We have 20+ years of experience from trial and error. We learned from failing, so we know what works, and what doesn't.
Welcome to a new standard of service