cannabis clones for sale

Cannabis clone for sale

Cannabis clone for sale

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Mr Clone Tells You How To Undergo The Process Of Cloning?

The process of cloning is quite interesting and is a great thing to learn.  Growing cannabis clones is very common in different parts of the world. This piece of writing will enhance the knowledge of people on the process of cloning. We at Mr Clone undergo a simple process of cloning and give an effective result to our customers

v  The need of material for cloning- The process of cloning needs certain important materials and that should be brought in order to undergo the cloning process.  Some of the important materials are

#A propagation tray is a must need during the time of cloning.

# cloning gel

# Some disposable scalpels

#Paper towels

# Bleach wipes

# A permanent marker for labeling

# And few plastics cups and few other chemical solutions

v  Understanding the role of an individual- In the process of cloning it is very important to understand the role of an individual. One need to remember that cloning is actually a process of surgery that needs to be done in the most effective way.  It may often happen that due to environmental damage the cloning process gets damaged. People need to take proper precautionary measure for cloning.

v Proper sanitization- It is very important to clean the area in which the tray will be set.  The tools and equipments need to be sanitized properly in order to do a successful cloning.

v Setting up- Now it’s time to set up the entire experiment.  One needs to place the heat mat on the propagation tray and add a half of rinsed perlite to the tray. After this shake the cloning gel and pour it into a shot glass.  Remember that everything should be placed near the sanitized area so that there is no such infection.

v  Preparing the cloning solution- The cloning solution is a low level nutrient mixture necessary for the clones for developing roots.  This solution needs to be made in a proper way for the roots to grow in a better manner.

v  Labeling- It is very important to do labeling. There are countless strains and it becomes difficult to remember every part.

v  Choosing and removing branches from the main plant- One can actually select the branches for cloning.  Once a suitable branch is selected remove it by making a single cut as close to the main stem using a scalpel.

v  The final cut- The final cut is made through the center of the fifth node from the tip of the branch.  One should be very much cautious while making the cut.

v  Set it properly- After the cut, it is time to set the clones properly.  One need to close the vents on the dome lid and place it back on the tray.  One should not touch the clones after it has been set. 

v  Watering- This is the final step. Watering is the basic requirement for growing up of every kind of plant.  Timely watering is the basic necessity and people should do that for a better cloning process.

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