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One of the hottest new strains on the medical marijuana market is called Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This strain comes from the California Bay Area.

Nearly every California medical cannabis patient has heard about the Girl Scout Cookies strain. It has been a huge hit with cannabis connoisseurs since it hit the scene a few years ago.

Appearance by itself will tell you that Girl Scout Cookies are an excellent strain. The green colors are laced with orange hairs, and covered in THC-laden trichomes. Its smell is intense – minty, sweet, yet with a sense of earthy pungency. It only gets more noticeable as you break down the buds.


The taste is even more complex. The smoke is smooth and rich, with hints of chocolate, pastries, and lemongrass. It is easy to inhale, and sticks to your lips. One hit and you’re sure to understand how GSC got its supreme popularity.

The stone starts with intense mental stimulation, giddiness and euphoria. The energetic buzz is later met with a mellowed physical high that is very relaxing.

 Strain Characteristics:


Indoors or outdoors


THC Level: 
18 - 21%

Flowering Time: 
8-9 weeks

Plant Type: 
Indica/ Satvia 60/40

Late October

OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush

500 gm2

Grow Difficulty: 
Moderate- Easy


They require intermediate skill as a grower – care must be taken to get an ideal final product, but the plants are resilient and tend to stay.


Now you can try Girl Scout Cookies in the all female version, Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds.

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

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