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OG White Fire Kush

OG Raskal Genetics - White


OG White Fire has become popular with patients who have anxiety and depression, cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain and various eating disorders. As for growers of OG White Fire, they can raise their high-yielding plants outdoors or inside with a 65-day flowering period.


Looks: Solid buds of vibrant greens with crystals glistening over crimson reds and burnt oranges. It’s captivating cannabis that has “smoke me” written all over it.

Scent: A fantastically fresh scent of citrus like sweetness mixed with pine cones and needles. The OG White Fire scent seems to resembles the fresh outdoors. Another way for me to put it? OG White Fire smells damn good…

Taste: The flavor is sweet, with a hint of citrus and pine. It’s a little strong, but not overwhelming or harsh. For those who just love the way good weed tastes, OG White Fire will be sure to not disappoint.

High: It delivers an uplifting and creative sativa high. I feel the OG White Fire strain is a great medication to help you carry out your day without becoming too tired, too early on. It gave me a great appetite about 90 minutes later. I was able to fill that belly grumble while still having a nice lingering head high for about another half-hour.

Buzz Length: A few hits of OG White Fire and I felt nicely medicated for a good 90 minutes. I have always enjoyed White Fire because it delivers a reliable high that’s nice and balanced.

Medicinal Applications: OG White Fire, with its uplifting high, is a great wake and bake bud for anyone that struggles with depression, PTSD, chronic illnesses, stress, eating disorders, or stomach and digestive problems.

Overall: OG White Fire strain is hands down, bar none, awesome.

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OG White Fire Kush Seeds Regular/Feminized

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